The brand, the essence, the soul


Some people march to a different beat. Monasita designs to a different beat.

Each Monasita pattern is hand-drawn to the beat of a different song that designer, Mona, connects with. To create her printed leggings, she begins by blasting one of her favorite songs and draws until an extraordinary pattern emerges. She then repeats the song as many times as needed in order to finish the print.

Monasita’s signature style features vivid colors, intricate shapes, and bold linework–all of which stem from her upbringing in urban Ecuador. The entire collection of printed leggings can be seen as a music playlist–a soundtrack that is dedicated to female empowerment. She believes that women can change the world if we start growing together as a team, loving ourselves, and changing our beliefs about how we should look and behave. Monasita envisions a better, more equal world, and her printed leggings are her means of achieving that goal.

Monasita’s printed leggings allow her to connect with women around the globe, as she strives for a world that fosters connectivity, creativity, and access to education. Each of these dreams build a stronger community and Monasita imparts these hopes into her work. It is through her leggings that Monasita spreads her goals. Monasita’s printed leggings are not only imbued with a powerful meaning, they also cause a visual impact. Made of comfortable, snug, and soft material, Monasita’s printed leggings tell a story–not only the story of the song they are inspired by, but a story of human power. Each printed legging is a piece of art that enables you to feel authentic, powerful, and active.

Monasita’s unique patterns set her printed leggings apart, but their ideal fit is also unparalleled. Her printed leggings do not just fit your body. They are made to fit your lifestyle. Whether it be at the gym, in yoga, or simply running errands, Monasita covers all aspects of your life. They are perfect for a range of activities–from surfing to traveling–and can transform from activewear to casualwear seamlessly. Her printed leggings allow you to effortlessly combine art and fashion, all while celebrating the power that comes from connecting with one another.

"Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”

— Winston Churchill

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