8 Ways Monasita’s Printed Leggings Will Empower Your Body, Mind, and Soul


8 Ways Monasita’s Printed Leggings Will Empower Your Body, Mind, and Soul

From The Quick-Drying Fabric to The Powerful Message They Send–Monasita’s Leggings Will Make Your Life Easier (and Happier, too!)

With so many printed leggings on the market, how do you choose? Monasita thinks it comes down to 8 things that make the ultimate printed legging: 

Supportive, Stretchy and Super Soft!

Monasita’s printed leggings are made of advanced fabric technology–80% Polyester and 20% spandex. That means they are SO SOFT! They are able to transition across a wide variety of activities–whether you’re running on a treadmill or running errands.

Double the Fun–Perfect for the Gym or the Office

No one wants to break the bank on a pair of leggings. With Monasita’s printed leggings, you get some serious bang for your buck (they’re only $60!). Plus, you don’t have to buy a million different leggings for different activities. Their “ready-for-anything” fabric allows to go from your yoga class to a night-out–all while looking great and feeling comfortable!

Mystical Method–An Artistic Approach

Monasita’s printed leggings are where painting and music intersect. Through her artistic process, Monasita blasts different tunes and draws to the beat until bold patterns emerge. Her leggings tell unique stories–both of the songs they are inspired by, as well as of her mystic design approach that is like no one else’s

Staying on the Bright Side–No-Fade Fabric

If you exercise, you know that your clothing needs to be washed frequently. This hard on your clothes because colors quickly fade and become see-through. Monasita’s printed leggings however, stay vivid, bright, and opaque no matter how much you wash them.

Put a Damper on Dampness

Since Monasita’s printed leggings are perfect for surfing, their quick-drying fabric is ideal. From seawater to chlorinated water, they won’t break down–all while wicking away moisture unlike any other!

Compression Obsession

Compression is the name of the game when it comes to muscle recovery. Not only do Monasita’s printed leggings offer unparalleled compression, the fabric (elastane yarn) fits your body seamlessly and feels like a second skin!

Connecting Communities Through Kindness

Grounded in goodwill, Monasita strives for a world in which women are connected, foster creativity, and have access to education. Her printed leggings allow her to join with the women who wear them. Together, they are able to spread her goals in the hopes of building a stronger community.

The Power of Positivity

What’s the BEST thing about Monasita’s printed leggings? They have the power to change your mood! Monasita creates products that are so infused with positivity that when you put them on, you can’t help but spread the love! So, if your day has been challenging for whatever reason, slide into a pair of her printed leggings and you’ll immediately start to share in Monasita’s joy!

Effortlessly combine art, fashion, and positive vibes by finding your own pair of printed leggings on Amazon or on Monasita’s website!

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